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    On Dongguan flexible opening and reclosable packaging Problems

    time:2014-09-30 Read the:2763bout

    One drawback of flexible packaging is difficult to provide a long-standing and easy to use, easy to open and reclosable bags. Over the past few years, several innovative technology significantly improves the above-mentioned properties of the package.
    Open the flexible packaging products in the most common method is to cut or torn bags of mouth, or ripping a seam. For some products, such as a box liner bags of cereals, the problem is consumers complain about most. Sealing generally difficult to peel, often the bag along the cut edge, makes the cereal spilled in the box, and then sealed the bag is almost impossible to maintain product freshness. Some use flexible zipper closure, often with tear strip to facilitate the initial opening. There may be other packaging sealing of corrugated, usually located at the seams.
    For liquid products, some packaging threaded outlet, equipped with a standard nut. The outlet may be provided at the top and bottom of the bag, depending on the product and packaging size. In the liner bag in the box, outside of the carton with the lid off, the outlet from the folding cover open pull out. For disposable beverage packaging is generally attached to a straw (straw has its own packaging to prevent dirt contamination, stick to the side of the beverage bag), specify a point on the packaging, packaging has been improved to facilitate straw penetrate.
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