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    Choose what kind of things will not change color after Dongguan high temperature cooking bags disinfection

    time:2014-09-30 Read the:2879bout

      1, food companies should use cooking bags strict control of temperature in the cooking bag manufacturer guaranteed range
    Because even exceed several times, but this time the production of various types of materials tend cooking bags can withstand the limit has been reached, which exceeded several times whether cooking bags to ensure performance is very critical.
      2, the food industry should be prepared prior to use of batch cooking bags cooking kits performance confirm
    This is also confirmed that under certain conditions the possibility of cooking bags process conditions used in the test. Because the physical and chemical properties within the packaging, as well as new substances at high temperatures due to physical and chemical changes that may occur and are likely to produce cooking bags penetration causing performance degradation in a cooking bag layer, such as causing delamination. Even the degree of vacuum cooking bag may also cause differences in stress between the layers of cooking bags, which leads to poor adhesion between the film layers of detachment.
      3, cooking bag production enterprises should strengthen management, good technology indicators detection and control of each process, in particular make a good retort pouch containing material tested before leaving the factory last hurdle
      * Note that if the film reaches the processing requirements, which is essential for printing fastness and fastness.
      * Note that the maturing time, so that a two-component ink or glue full play crosslinking reaction.
      * Note that two-component ink or glue when using the degree of inactivation, inactivation of the incorporation of the amount of ink or glue inactivation must be controlled within a certain range.
      * Materials in strict accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the product used, especially curable ink and glue dosage according to the requirements of a certain use.
      * To simulate conditions of food companies use to detect the performance of the finished bags, and urge food companies to confirm performance of cooking bags, to prevent greater losses.
      4, cooking bags manufacturers to do all kinds of packaging and printing materials compatibility using the test
    Because the use of various products have some limitations and specificity, can not control or take care of all types of users processing and further processing and use of all aspects of post-processing, processing of downstream products and subsequent use of the product requirements are not We must understand very comprehensive.
      Compatibility test should pay attention to the following points: First, we must note that the test should be run through the whole production process, can not just stay at the printing stage. The second is to pay attention to high temperature conditions, with special attention within the film, various additives at high temperatures caused by bleeding decreased adhesion or delamination problems. Third, we should pay attention to the replacement of different materials manufacturers, and even use the same manufacturer but different batches of material, but also do compatibility test use.
      5, ink, glue, film and other packaging materials production enterprises to solidly improve product quality and stability
      * To improve ink, glue temperature resistance. The actual temperature and have a certain level of performance exceeded the guaranteed heat resistance, such as New Oriental Ink Group Limited production of inks and glues resistant to cooking, take full account of fluctuations in the temperature of the food business practice that may occur, and there are different ink and glue different temperature grades and performance requirements to sell, which can ensure temperature performance retort pouch.
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