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At the moment, Paris is about to launch her latest movie "House Of Wax", the remake of Vincent Price movie of 1953 along with Chad Michael Murray, Elisha Cuthbert and Jared Paladecki. Also, Paris plans to work of "The Simple Life 4" with a new co-worker, since her old friend and co-worker, Nicole Richie, is no longer her friend. Paris recently was crowned as "Golden Girl Of The Internet" making her the most searched girl in internet.

At one point, it would have been hard to define Paris Hilton. "Career heiress" doesn't cut it; nor does "party girl" or "high-ranking socialite-cum-model-cum-actress," and "American royalty" was arguably too dramatic a label for a woman whose true breakout role cost less to film than a night in a budget room at the neighborhood Hilton hotel. Luckily, as lackluster economies are wont to do, the early 2000s looked toward the financial elite and borrowed heavily from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous in hopes of creating a new rush of money envy. Enter MTV Cribs, The Osbournes, Rich Girls, VH1's The Fabulous Life, and Paris Hilton, celebutante.


Heiress of hotel guru Conrad Hilton, Paris became famous for possessing the ingredients of fame, albeit minus the resumé. As she grew skinnier, blonder, wilder, and richer, society joyfully embraced her as gossip fodder and allowed her to adopt a movie-star mystique while waiving the irksome requirement of having starred in an actual movie. This is not to say Hilton has no film credits to her name; in 2001, she landed a cameo role as herself in Ben Stiller's Zoolander and later stretched her acting chops to play a rowdy clubber in The Cat in the Hat (2003). Unfortunately for Hilton, her small role in James Cox's crime thriller Wonderland that same year was




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