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overshadowed by a larger role in an explicit homemade sex video, which her ex-boyfriend promptly sold to the salivating Internet hoards. Interestingly enough, the ensuing lawsuit and barrage of negative publicity did nothing but bolster the ratings of The Simple Life, a reality show starring Hilton and fellow heiress Nicole Richie. The series chronicled Hilton and Ritchie's reactions to the pitfalls of "simple" living, such as holding a job and shopping in outlets that don't stock haute couture. While the show could never quite decide who the novelty was -- the ridiculous rich girls or "hayseed" townsfolk -- The Simple Life was, nonetheless, a huge success.


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Pledge This! (2006)
Directed by
William Heins
Writing credits
Cheryl Guerriero (main writer)
Cheryl Guerriero (story)

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Pledge This
Directed by
William Heins

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